12 Wing Shearwater/CFB Halifax

There were 6,074 regular military, 667 reserve Class A, B and C forces, and 3,140 civilian workers at CFB Halifax & 12 Wing/CFB Shearwater at the end of March 2010.

Present Functions

The current functions of CFB Halifax are to provide:

  • administration and technical support to Maritime Forces Atlantic,
  • support other government departments and agencies through assistance to law enforcement, fisheries protection, counter-drug operations and environmental monitoring,
  • command of the Halifax Search and Rescue Region,
  • support to reserve forces and cadets.

The current functions of 12 Wing/CFB Shearwater are to provide:

  • naval aviation support
  • support and maintenance for the Sea King helicopter

Operational & Support Units (CFB Halifax)

  • all ships of the Maritime Atlantic Fleet,
  • Fleet Maintenance Facility Cape Scott,
  • Formation Logistics,
  • CF Naval Engineering School,
  • CF Naval Operations School,
  • CF Maritime Warfare Centre.

Operational & Support Units (12 Wing/CFB Shearwater)

  • 406 Maritime Operational Training Squadron
  • 423 Maritime Helicopter Squadron
  • 443 Maritime Helicopter Squadron
  • 12 Air Maintenance Squadron
  • Helicopter Operational Test and Evaluation Facility

Economic Impact

Population Impact (Regular Force members and dependants)Local Speding ImpactEstimated Local Spending Impacts (Direct & Indirect)Estimated Direct EmploymentEstimated Indirect Employment
18,413 $711,295,000 $932,957,000 9,817 665

Note: All figures Fiscal Year 2009-2010

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