Canadian Joint Operations Command

What we do

The Canadian Joint Operations Command (CJOC) conducts Canadian Armed Forces operations at home, across North America, and around the world. CJOC directs missions from planning to closing, and ensures national strategic goals are met. We provide rapid responses in our operations by:

  • planning for contingencies; and
  • establishing structures and processes for command-and-control, intelligence and support that can be activated or expanded at short notice.

Specific roles

CJOC comprises the following:

  • task forces deployed on continental operations in Canada and North America
  • six standing regional Joint Task Force Headquarters across Canada
  • a Canada-wide network of units that make up the Canadian Forces Joint Operational Support Group
  • task forces deployed on expeditionary operations around the world
  • staff at CJOC headquarters that plans and directs operations

We are assisted by:

  • Joint Force Air Component Commander, based in Winnipeg
  • Maritime Component Commander, located in either Esquimalt or Halifax
  • 1st Canadian Division Headquarters, based in Kingston

These Component Commanders contribute to the understanding of the operating environment and participate in contingency planning and readiness activities. When directed by CJOC, they command and control Canadian Armed Forces elements in operations.

We also work closely with our partners in operations, such as:

  • other Canadian government institutions
  • the armed forces of traditional allies and like-minded nations
  • multinational organizations

The only Canadian Armed Forces operations in which CJOC does not engage are those conducted solely by:

  • Canadian Special Operations Forces Command; or
  • NORAD.
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