Chief of Military Personnel

On behalf of the Chief of Defence Staff, the Chief of Military Personnel (CMP) provides functional direction/guidance to the Canadian Forces on all military personnel management matters, monitors compliance with Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) personnel management policies, and is accountable for the effective management of the CAF Personnel System.

The CMP is responsible for the development of strategies, policies and programs that foster and maintain the profession of arms as an honourable and desirable career.

The CMP has five strategic pillars that form the basis for the development and execution of CAF personnel management to ensure the availability of the right person at the right time and at the right place.

Five strategic pillars of the CMP

Five strategic pillars of the CMP: Recruit, Train & Educate, Prepare, Support and Honour & Recognize

The CMP's current priorities are to:

  • to optimize selection, training and professional development by ensuring the efficient selection of the best candidates and providing the training and professional development necessary to produce tomorrow’s warfighters;
  • to care for its people and their families, in collaboration with its partners and stakeholders, by providing the programs, services and support to its members and their families that ensure a rewarding and fulfilling career and help them transition after military service;
  • to recognize their service and sacrifice by providing the spectrum of care that is compassionate, agile and responsive to their needs, and to those of the Canadian Armed Forces; and
  • to enable the warfighter through ready and prepared mission support capabilities by training, equipping and organizing Medical, Dental, Chaplaincy and Personnel Support services.

To learn more about the CMP, please visit the Honours & History, Education & Training and CAF Community pages.

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