Judge Advocate General Command Team

Legal Branch Key Appointments

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

Honorary Colonel
Colonel John Hoyles

Judge Advocate General Operational Command Team

Major-General Blaise Cathcart
Judge Advocate General

Chief Petty Officer 1st Class S. Lavigne
Office of Judge Advocate General Chief Warrant Officer

Colonel B.J. Wakeham
Chief of Staff Judge Advocate General

Colonel B.W. MacGregor
Director of Military Prosecutions

Colonel D.K. Fullerton
Director of Defence Counsel Services

Captain(N) G. Bernatchez
Deputy Judge Advocate General/Regional Services

Colonel M. Gendron
Deputy Judge Advocate General/Operations

Colonel V. Joshi
Deputy Judge Advocate General/Military Administrative Law

Colonel R. Holman
Deputy Judge Advocate General/Military Justice

Colonel R. Mitchell
Deputy Judge Advocate General/Reserves

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