Judge Advocate General (JAG)

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The Judge Advocate General (JAG) is the senior legal officer in the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF). As part of the statutory mandate, the JAG acts as the legal advisor to the Governor General, the Minister of National Defence (the Minister), the Department of National Defence (DND) and the CAF in all matters relating to military law. The JAG is also responsible under the National Defence Act (NDA) to superintend the administration of military justice in the CAF.

While the JAG is responsive to the chain of command for the provision of legal services, it is to the Minister that the JAG is responsible for the performance of his duties.


In support of the Canadian Armed Forces and the Department of National Defence, the Office of the Judge Advocate General delivers independent, operationally focused, solution oriented legal advice and services across the full spectrum of military law, and superintends the administration of military justice.


To be an agile military team of world class, operationally focused, globally deployable and networked legal professionals, proudly contributing to a disciplined force and mission success in a manner that reflects Canadian values and the rule of law.


Contact the JAG Chief of Staff

For more information on the Office of the JAG or the Legal Branch, please contact the JAG Chief of Staff at 613-992-8414.

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