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On behalf of the Deputy Minister and the Chief of the Defence Staff the mission of the Vice Chief of the Defence Staff is to coordinate, and when appropriate, direct the activity necessary to ensure departmental Defence policy and strategic objectives are achieved.In accomplishing this mission, the Vice Chief of the Defence Staff will provide pro-active leadership and direction to the evolution of National Defence Headquarters (NDHQ) to a strategic level headquarters and ensure the realization of the Defence Programme objectives.

Various organizations report to the VCDS.

The Chief of Programme supports the VCDS in providing leadership for corporate strategy management processes through objective analysis and sound advice on strategic planning options and resource allocations as well as measuring and reporting to Government on Departmental performance in executing the defence mission.

The Chief Force Development will harmonize, synchronize and integrate the force development activities of the Canadian Forces in order to develop the capabilities required to produce strategically relevant, operationally responsive, and tactically decisive military forces.

The Director General Defence Security (DGDS) is a Level 2 organization whose mission is to protect, promote and support security in the Canadian Armed Forces and the Department of National Defence by exercising its functional leadership through the implementation of effective security programs.

The Canadian Forces Provost Marshal (CFPM) is responsible for developing policies and plans to guide the management of security and Military Police resources of the Canadian Forces. The CFPM is the Branch Advisor for the Canadian Forces Military Police Branch. He is also the Commander of the CF Military Police Group, exercising command and control over several Military Police units.

The Chief of Reserves and Cadets provides advice and, when mandated, direction in support of defence objectives pertaining to the Reserve Force and to deliver Department of National Defence sponsored Youth Programs.

The Directorate of General Safety (D Safe G) is responsible for Occupational Health and Safety through its management of the General Safety Program, which encompasses policies and guidelines to ensure that occupational health and safety considerations are incorporated in every aspect of departmental operations, training and support activities.

The Director General Canadian Forces Grievance Authority leads and supports an efficient grievance system for the Canadian Forces and assists the Final Authority in considering and determining grievances.

The Canadian Forces Support Unit (Ottawa) provides centralized support services to all components of National Defence Headquarters (NDHQ) and assigned units within the National Capital Region (NCR) and abroad.

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