DAOD 5018-0, Injured Members and Military Casualties


Date of Issue: 2001-06-26

Effective Date: 2001-06-26

Application: This is an order that applies to members of the Canadian Forces (CF).

Approval Authority: This DAOD is issued under the authority of the Chief of Military Personnel (CMP).

Enquiries: Director Casualty Support Management (DCSM)


injured member (militaire blessé)

An injured member is a CF member who has suffered physical or psychological harm that may be temporary or permanent.

military casualty (perte militaire)

A military casualty is a:

  • seriously ill or injured member;
  • very seriously ill or injured member;
  • a member who is reported missing;
  • a member who is killed; or
  • a member who dies.

seriously ill or injured member (militaire gravement malade ou grièvement blessé)

A seriously ill or injured member is a CF member with an illness or injury of such a severity that there is cause for immediate concern but the member's life is not in immediate danger.

very seriously ill or injured member (militaire très gravement malade ou très grièvement blessé)

A very seriously ill or injured member is a CF member with an illness or injury of such a severity that the member's life is in immediate danger.

Policy Direction


The CF calls upon its members to serve in extraordinary circumstances and in a variety of hazardous environments that may result in injuries or military casualties.

Policy Statement

The CF shall develop policies and procedures that ensure the provision of adequate:

  • care and support to injured members and military casualties; and
  • support to the immediate families of injured members and military casualties.


The CF must ensure that:

  • all circumstances resulting in an injured member or a military casualty are appropriately reported and documented;
  • emergency contact persons for CF members can be readily identified by CF authorities in the event of a military casualty;
  • members and their families are made aware of the resources available in the event of an injured member or a military casualty;
  • a casualty support guide is developed and made accessible to casualty support officers; and
  • transition assistance is provided to injured members who are subsequently released for medical reasons due to their injuries.


Authority Table

The following table identifies the authorities for implementing the policy.

The ...has the authority to ...


  • approve injury and military casualty policy.


  • coordinate the development of injury and military casualty policy;
  • formulate instructions required to implement the policy; and
  • evaluate the effectiveness of the policy and its supporting instructions.


Source References

Related References

  • DAOD 5044-2, Notification of Family Death, Illness or Injury
  • CFAO 24-1, Casualties - Reporting and Administration
  • CFAO 24-6, Investigation of Injuries or Death
  • CANFORGEN 190/11, Emergency Contact(s) Notification and Next of Kin Identification Forms
  • Form DND 2587, Next of Kin (NOK) Identification Form