Task Statement for Military Occupational Structure Identification - 00379 Marine Technician

 A-MD-154-000/FP-000 - Appendix 4, Annex D

MOSID  00379 - Marine Technician (MAR TECH)

General Duties:

A Marine Technician operates marine systems engineering equipment on ships at sea and alongside, to include propulsion, steering, machinery control systems, power generation and distribution, hull systems, liquid management systems and hotel services. They conduct preventive and corrective maintenance of this equipment, and carry out associated technical administration. They conduct advanced firefighting and damage control including helicopter crash rescue. They conduct burning, welding and machining in support of maintenance activities.

MOC Related Duties

Circle the X for each task that Mbr is UNABLE or UNFIT to perform.

MOC Related DutiesCP01CP02P01P02MSLS/AB/OS
1. Climb and work on slippery ladders or platforms at heights of 30 m in a pitching and rolling ship.   X X X X X
2. Work in enclosed and confined spaces.   X X X X X
3. Work with diesel, gas and JP5 fumes, petroleum & synthetic oils and lubricants, corrosive vapors and liquids.     X X X X
4. Read and comprehend complex technical documentation. X X X X X X
5. Work near rotating machinery and electrical equipment.   X X X X X
6. Work with computer monitors and analog meters up to 12 hours per day (eye fatigue, strain). X X X X X X
7. Require good hand eye coordination.   X X X X X
8. Require good manual dexterity.   X X X X X
9. Supervise and direct personnel in combat or emergency situations.   X X X X X
10. Fight shipboard fires in small compartments while wearing breathing apparatus and PPE.   X X X X X
11. Endure prolonged exposure to high noise.   X X X X X
12. Perform maintenance and repairs in low/no light conditions, bad weather, and high seas.     X X X X
13. Endure up to 12 hrs watchkeeping confined to specific locations.       X X X
14. Work with various hand, machine and precision tools.       X X X
15. Work with: gas and electric welding, fuel, plastic repairs, foundry operations, paints and solvents, carpentry dust, in poorly ventilated areas.     X X X X
16. Cope with the stress of working on live electrical equipment     X X X X
17. Lift and manipulate weights of up to 45 kg routinely.       X X X
18. Work on highly unsanitary equipment (sewage abatement systems).       X X X
19. Safely use hand, machine and precision tools.       X X X
20. Work on machinery in-situ in areas of limited accessibility.       X X X
21. Continually stoop, bend, crawl, over, in and on equipment or confined spaces up to 30 m; jump from 1.75 m.   X X X X X
22. Drag or carry a casualty weighing 90 Kg up or down ladder, stairs, etc.       X X X
23. Handle, pack and roll fire hoses weighing up to 10 kg.     X X X X
24. Work in fire fighter protective clothing weighing 11 Kg while wearing Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) weighing 15 Kg.     X X X X
25. Cope with physical and mental stress of supervising and participating in firefighting operations that may fail resulting in loss of life and property.   X X X X X
26. Pass the Fire Protection Personnel Physical Fitness standard IAW DAOD 4007-4 and NAVORD 4008-3.       X X X
27. Work in confined, darkened and smoke filled spaces with limited light.       X X X
28. Force entry using a variety of tools.       X X X
29. Cope with stress of exposure to hazardous material during HAZMAT Emergencies.     X X X X
30. Wear SCBA and PPE for long periods of time during HAZMAT Operations.     X X X X
31. Routinely work 15 hour or 24 hr duty periods.     X X X X
32. Cope with physical and mental stress of conducting rescue and firefighting tasks, NBCD/CBRN Operations, Shipboard Flying Operations, or medical emergencies for up to 12 hours during combat/hostile actions.       X X X
33. Endure emotional stress of conducting triage in mass casualty situations and when handling human remains.     X X X X
34. Locate and retrieve casualties in hazardous situations.       X X X
35. Work for extended period of times wearing NBCD/CBRN Individual Protective Equipment (IPE).   X X X X X


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