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1     Minister’s Mandate Letter, http://pm.gc.ca/eng/minister-national-defence-mandate-letter

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15    Minister’s Mandate Letter, http://pm.gc.ca/eng/minister-national-defence-mandate-letter

16       Notes on Human Resources:

Regular Force:

  • Regular Force personnel strength is measured as the total Regular Force population, which includes project personnel and approximately 1,100 personnel on leave without pay (90% related to parental leave).
  • The Regular Force personnel strength is currently about 2,000 personnel below its authorized strength of 68,000 +/- 500, due to higher than forecast attrition and other factors. The Institutional timetable that details the annual change to manning levels forecasts re-establishing the Regular Force to its authorized strength prior to 2020 (Our current trajectory has us achieving 68K +/_ 500 in FY 2018-19). That carefully balanced rate of increase fully utilizes the CAF’s current training capacity. The Institutional timetable will be closely monitored, with quick implementation of mitigating actions to preserve the forecasted re-establishment of the Regular Force to its full authorized strength.

Civilian personnel:

  • The civilian workforce is planned through a salary wage envelope. For reporting purposes, the civilian workforce is measured by full-time equivalents (FTE). The FTE total includes all personnel tenure (indeterminate, term, casual and student employees) actively employed and calculated as person year. For example, two part-time employees may count as one FTE.
  • Planned civilian FTEs include Vote 5 funded personnel.
  • Planned civilian FTEs do not include personnel on leave without pay. 
  • Civilian workforce planned FTEs are subject to final budgetary approval.

Reserve Force personnel:

  • The Primary Reserve are those personnel working in various capacities with the Canadian Armed Forces where Class A reservists perform part-time work and training, Class B reservists are employed full-time permanent (year-over-year) or perform incremental full-time employment or training for one or more periods of more than 14 consecutive days within any one year period, and Class C reservists are employed full-time with approval by or on behalf of the Chief of Defence Staff and receive equivalent pay, benefits and liability as a Regular Force member.
  • The majority of Reservists serve on part-time (Class A) service. There is a significant reduction in Class A numbers during the summer as many personnel are away from their home units conducting training on short-term Class B status. In addition, some Primary Reserve members are inactive. The portion of Primary Reserve that is on duty and receives payment is counted and reported as the Primary Reserve average paid strength (an annual monthly average).
  • Primary Reserve average paid strength reporting, planning and allocations are based on monthly reports provided by Assistant Deputy Minister (Finance and Corporate Services)/Director Strategic Finance Costing and Assistant Deputy Minister (Information Management)/Director Human Resource Information Management (DHRIM).
  • Average Paid Strength (APS) reporting does not account for the seasonal fluctuations that occur during the summer training period, nor does it consider the magnitude of a member’s monthly attendance. A method to more accurately report the strength of the Primary reserve is being developed.

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