1. Message from the Deputy Minister and the Chief of the Defence Staff

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Last year, we launched Defence Renewal, our long-term initiative to fundamentally transform the way we work. In the fall, we released the Defence Renewal Charter and Plan which contained 30 initiatives that will reshape Defence and help us create a lean and effi organization which will deliver a modern, first-class military.

This, the first Defence Renewal Annual Report, is an occasion for us to take stock of our early successes, restate our commitment to the fundamental objectives of renewal and to reinforce the important role each of us play in its long-term success.

Since its launch, support for Defence Renewal and its goals have gained momentum on bases and wings, and at National Defence Headquarters and other organizations across Canada. While our ability to generate between $750 million and $1.2 billion annually in reinvestment opportunities will not be fully reached until 2017-18, we can point to some early successes that are helping us to achieve our mission.

In this report, we are pleased to see the accomplishments and the progress made by the Defence Team at all levels. We recognize in a relatively short time, renewal produced $74M in reinvestment gains. We are also cognizant of the areas in which we will continue to develop over the next year as we further progress renewal and implement initiatives.

The goal and the challenge for each of us — regardless of rank or level, or whether we are military or civilian — is to look at how we do business and what we can do better. As we find smarter, more effective ways of working, we will save both time and money. We will put those savings to good use by reinvesting in the operational capabilities and readiness of the Canadian Armed Forces.

Additionally, the activities we are undertaking through Defence Renewal are not happening in isolation. We are making conscious links to other change activities happening in organizations across Defence as well as the Government of Canada. For example, we know that Destination 2020, the government-wide engagement exercise that aims to build a better Public Service, will support and be supported by Defence Renewal outcomes.

We invite you to read this report and to learn about our accomplishments to date and be engaged in the work that lies ahead. It is an exciting time for the Defence Team, made possible by the contributions and enthusiasm each of you demonstrate in the work that you do. As we continue down the road of transformational change, we must stay focused on the end goals of Defence Renewal. Thank you for your continued vigilance and support.

Richard B. Fadden
Deputy Minister

General Tom Lawson
Chief of the Defence Staff