2. Introduction

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Released in 2008, the Canada First Defence Strategy (CFDS) is the Government of Canada’s foundational defence policy statement. The strategy launched a new era of investment in the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF), providing the tools necessary to rebuild the Forces into a first-class modern military. This strong investment — along with the dedication of our personnel — has enabled the CAF to deliver impressive operational results, both at home and abroad. This support has enabled us to make substantial progress in modernizing the CAF, and to sustain a period of intense operational activity.

Recently, in support of a series of Government-wide spending reviews, Defence contributed significantly to the Government’s overall efforts to return to a balanced budget. Through this process, the leadership of National Defence discovered that there were areas within the defence business that merited further, more detailed, and longer-term examinations for efficiencies and effectiveness. As such, National Defence has shifted from spending reviews to Defence Renewal and the building of the Defence Team of the future. This includes turning our attention to renewing the areas of the defence business where analysis has indicated further opportunities for improving the way we work.

In this context, the Deputy Minister (DM) and the Chief of the Defence Staff (CDS) established the Defence Renewal Team (DRT) in 2012. The DRT has a mandate to lead, coordinate, and drive a comprehensive, organization-wide business process renewal program to fi ways for the Department of National Defence (DND) and the CAF to become more efficient and effective, with generated savings to be reinvested into operational capabilities and readiness.

Between January and September 2013, the Defence Renewal Charter and Plan were developed with a comprehensive and ambitious portfolio of initiatives, balanced across functions, degree of familiarity, implementation time, and scale of opportunity. These initiatives are grouped into nine major renewal themes. The Defence Renewal Program formally launched on October 07, 2013 with the release of the Charter and Plan.

This report, “Building the Foundation,” serves as the first update of Defence Renewal in achieving the outcomes outlined in the Defence Renewal Charter and realizing the opportunities described in the Defence Renewal Plan. It is presented in a main body of overall progress of the approved initiatives supplemented at Annex A — more detailed summaries, an overview of the framework for reinvestment and governance.