5. Conclusion

Alternate Formats

Since the Defence Renewal Roll-out in October 2013, DND and CAF leadership have prioritized Renewal outcomes in consideration of other important Defence Team challenges. Our institutional successes are evident in the following highlights:

  • Initial gains of $74M;
  • Movement forward on key activities which resonate throughout the department and CAF; and
  • A deeper understanding of the challenges and risks going forward.

The last six months have been productive and have reminded us that change is hard, complicated, requires leadership at all levels, and takes time. We have reinforced the need for large-scale renewal to be managed centrally and to be synchronized with other major change activities from outside the Department and within the Department and CAF.

While we remain optimistic in the overall opportunity, we are reminded that each of us needs to embrace and implement change that is taking place at National Defence. We need to continue to maintain close attention to achieving progress, reinforce and celebrate successes, and overcome difficulties and challenges. The next year will be characterized by performance areas, executing plans and forecasts, leveraging practice improvements in clarity and business execution while better formulating knowledge sharing, and by better synchronizing Government and Departmental change activities.

"Our renewal vision for the Defence Team is a lean and efficient organization that continuously finds ways to better conduct the business of Defence, that frees up resources to be reinvested in operational capabilities and readiness, and that delivers the best military capabilities at the best value for Canadians."

— Deputy Minister Richard B. Fadden

"We expect all Defence Team personnel to be involved, providing feedback, identifying challenges, proposing solutions, and helping highlight successes."

— Chief of the Defence Staff Gen Tom Lawson