Alternate Formats

ADM: Assistant Deputy Minister

ADM(HR Civ): Assistant Deputy Minister (Human Resources – Civilian)

ADM(IE): Assistant Deputy Minister (Infrastructure and Environment)

ADM(IM): Assistant Deputy Minister (Information Management)

ADM(Mat): Assistant Deputy Minister (Materiel)

ADM(S&T): Assistant Deputy Minister (Science and Technology)

A&E: Ammunition & Explosives

APM: Application Portfolio Management

BPR: Business Process Re-engineering

CA: Canadian Army

CAF: Canadian Armed Forces

CDS: Chief of the Defence Staff

CFAOs: Canadian Forces Administrative Orders

CFDS: Canada First Defence Strategy

CFRG: Canadian Forces Recruiting Group

CFPAS: Canadian Forces Personnel Appraisal System

CIC: Cadet Instructor Cadre

CMP: Chief of Military Personnel

DAC: Departmental Audit Committee

DAODs: Defence Administrative Orders and Directives

DM: Deputy Minister

DMC: Defence Management Committee

DND: Department of National Defence

DRAP: Deficit Reduction Action Plan

DRDC: Defence Research and Development Canada

DRMIS: Defence Resource Manage

DRT: Defence Renewal Team

DSX: Defence Strategic Executive Committee

ECDS: Emergency Communications and Dispatch Services

FG: Force Generation

FP&R: Force Posture and Readiness

FTE: Full-Time Equivalent

FY: Fiscal Year

HQ: Headquarters

HR: Human Resources

IEBM: Infrastructure and Environment Business Modernization

IM: Information Management

IRMC: Investment and Resource Management Committee

ISS: In-Service Support

IT: Information Technology

IT&E: Individual Training and Evaluation

JAG: Judge Advocate General

JCR: Junior Canadian Rangers

MPMCT: Military Personnel Management Capability Transformation

NDHQ: National Defence Headquarters

NRPDP: National Real Property Development Plan

O&M: Operations and Maintenance

PAA: Program Alignment Architecture

PMF: Performance Management Framework

RCAF: Royal Canadian Air Force

RCN: Royal Canadian Navy

RP: Real Property

SOR: Statement of Requirements

SR: Strategic Review

TB: Treasury Board

TD: Temporary Duty