Defence Renewal Annual Report 2014-2015 - Framework for Continuous Improvement

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1. Introduction

This 2014/15 Annual Report provides a summary of the Defence Team’s progress, challenges and forecast for the Defence Renewal programme as outlined in the October 2013 Defence Renewal Charter and Defence Renewal Plan. It also builds upon the 2013/14 Defence Renewal Annual Report "Building the Foundation."

Since the launch of Defence Renewal in October 2013, the Defence Team continues to comprehensively transform its major business processes. Inspired by a renewal vision that sees the Defence Team as a lean and efficient organisation that continuously finds ways to better conduct the business of defence, work continues to ultimately free-up resources for reinvestment in operational capabilities and readiness – to maximize the value of every defence dollar.

This report is from the Defence Renewal Lead, who has a mandate to lead, coordinate, and drive a comprehensive, organization-wide business process renewal programme, to the members of Defence Strategic Executive Committee (DSX) who serve as the executive steering committee to ensure reinvestment is aligned with Government priorities. This report is presented in the following sections:

  1. Introduction
  2. Overview
  3. Performance Initiatives
  4. Organisational Practices
  5. Performance Measurement
  6. The Reinvestment Framework and Business Planning
  7. Continuous Improvement
  8. Communications
  9. Defence Renewal Governance and Oversight
  10. Conclusion – Framework for Continuous Improvement
  11. Annexes

The report has been compiled based on information provided to the DSX, the Defence Management Committee (DMC), the Investment and Resource Management Committee (IRMC) and the Defence Renewal Oversight Committee (DROC). Similarly, the information presented was provided to the Defence Renewal Team (DRT) for analysis by the key Defence Team organizations tasked through the Defence Renewal Charter as responsible for implementing assigned renewal initiatives.