Defence Renewal Annual Report 2014-2015 - Framework for Continuous Improvement

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5. Performance Measurement

The Defence Renewal Charter underscores the importance of establishing a comprehensive performance measurement regime, one that "underline(s) where we are on track to achieve our commitments, and where we need to re-evaluate and make course corrections."

Through the Change Management Services contract, KPMG reviewed the existing performance measures of all 32 renewal initiatives. In particular, they evaluated the metrics associated with measuring initiative performance including efficiency and effectiveness, cost, and value-based themes.

In their First Report on Metrics and Performance Measurement of March 2015, KPMG recommended the retention of 55 of the 121 pre-existing metrics. Moreover, they noted the remainder of the metrics measure a portion of what the initiatives are expected to achieve; do not measure the change that will be required for the achievement of the objective; or, are simply ineffective in what they measure.

Going forward, DRT and KPMG are working with initiative leads to develop more effective performance measures, with a proposed measurement framework deliverable for DND and CAF review. This work is vital: it will ultimately allow decision-makers and stakeholders alike the ability to assess whether activities are achieving objectives and to take action as and where necessary, and contribute to the development of a realistic evidence-based Reinvestment Framework.