2016 Defence Renewal Annual Report: Positive Momentum for Enduring Success

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1. Introduction

This report from the Defence Renewal Lead provides an overview of the Defence Team’s progress in implementing the Defence Renewal programme in FY 2015/16 and is presented in the following sections:

  1. Introduction
  2. Overview
  3. Performance Initiatives
  4. Organisational Practices
  5. Evidence-Based Decision-Making
  6. The Reinvestment Framework and Business Planning
  7. Continuous Improvement
  8. Communications
  9. Defence Renewal Governance and Oversight
  10. Conclusion – Positive Momentum for Enduring Success
  11. Annexes

The report is derived from a number of sources including triannual reports by individual Defence Renewal initiative leads, and information provided to both the Defence Renewal Oversight Committee (DROC) and the Investment and Resource Management Committee (IRMC).