2016 Defence Renewal Annual Report: Positive Momentum for Enduring Success

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10. Conclusion

Defence Renewal concluded the year with positive momentum for enduring success. Overhead costs and process inefficiencies -- in critical areas such as materiel, information management, and infrastructure -- continue to be reduced, and a comprehensive framework to strategically reallocate resources to front-line military capabilities and readiness has been introduced.

Defence Renewal is helping develop a comprehensive family of performance metrics -- and attendant targets -- to measure and assess progress, help inform resource decisions, and ensure accountability.The role of information management and technology to support and enable process improvements across the Defence Team continues to grow, including the initial operational capability of the Defence CIO model and advances in critical efforts to ensure successful implementation of a modern and sustainable long-term approach to business intelligence.

Lastly Defence Renewal is contributing to the overall efforts to instill a culture of continuous improvement in how defence goes about its business by addressing strategic clarity, introducing more disciplined approaches to business execution, and fostering the conditions by which knowledge sharing across the Defence Team will be enhanced.