2016 Defence Renewal Annual Report: Positive Momentum for Enduring Success

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5. Evidence Based Decision Making: Defence Renewal Performance Management Framework

The Defence Renewal Charter notes the critical importance of evidence-based decision making, and calls for “a comprehensive regime of performance metrics and targets to be in place and employed to measure and assess improvements, guide resource allocation decisions, and ensure accountability” as one of the four strategic outcomes for Defence Renewal. FY 2015/16 saw real progress towards achieving this important goal.

First, through the CMS contract, KPMG made recommendations on a proof of concept for a Defence Renewal Performance Management Framework (DR-PMF) through a series of detailed reports.  Second, the RCN has offered to share resources -- and experience -- using an evidence-based approach to informed decision-making that will demonstrate the potential of the DR-PMF approach. And third, the Information Management Group has recognised both the potential and immediacy of DR-PMF, and sees it as a means to align and accelerate the timely development of an effective Enterprise Business Intelligence and Analytics approach that is critical to long-term performance measurement across Defence.

As a result, the Defence Renewal Team concluded FY 2015/16 poised to pilot the emerging DR-PMF with at least two initiatives including Maintenance Execution and Inventory Management. The trials will continue through the first half of FY 2016/17 and seek to demonstrate the ability to measure initiative performance -- and progress -- in a systemic manner.