2016 Defence Renewal Annual Report: Positive Momentum for Enduring Success

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6. The Reinvestment Framework and Business Planning

The Defence Renewal Reinvestment Framework is situated in a multifaceted business planning environment where decisions must be identified, harmonised and acted upon with regard to their implications for near and medium term horizons.

Key actors -- including the Chief Financial Officer, Chief of Programme and the DR Lead -- have spent much of this FY further operationalising the Framework: ensuring that Defence Renewal is incorporated as an Annex to all relevant Business Plans; reporting every trimester through Defence Renewal Reporting Templates; developing a more evolved understanding of how to best to apply the reinvestment model in the complex Defence context; and, regularly revisiting the overall reinvestment profile as a part of prudent financial planning.

The Framework is maturing and will benefit from the added insights derived from the DROC process that examines initiatives from a number of perspectives including their progress to date and their reinvestment opportunities.

Looking forward, efforts to further institutionalise the Framework -- while moving beyond permitting Level 1s to retain much of their reinvestment opportunities -- are both necessary and timely, and will revolve around continuing discussions on both the supply of DR-derived reinvestment opportunities and the demand for additional financial resources that privilege force readiness and capability development.