2016 Defence Renewal Annual Report: Positive Momentum for Enduring Success

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8. Communications

Though internal and external communication efforts were affected by the 42nd Federal General Election, communications about Defence Renewal occurred at many levels across the Defence Team:

  • Defence Renewal continued to be discussed at the combined General Officer and Flag Officer/EX Townhall meetings;
  • Defence Renewal remains an integral part of briefings to future leaders of the Defence Team at the Defence Resources Management Course, the EX Orientation course, and at the Executive Leaders Programme and National Security Programme at the Canadian Forces College;
  • The Public Affairs Group continued to highlight milestones and quick wins to the broader Defence Team through the Maple Leaf, The Innovators series, the Focus on the Future internal webpage and the new Defence Team news videocast;
  • Defence Renewal remains a standing agenda item at the DND Union Management Consultative Committee and the Defence Renewal Annual Report for FY 2014/15 was provided to Union Management with an offer for further discussion to address any questions;
  • Steps were taken to improve the Defence Renewal website and develop specific web pages for certain key initiatives. This work will continue going forward to ensure all members of the Defence Team have easy access to current information regarding Defence Renewal;
  • Both the Defence Renewal 2013/14 and 2014/15 Annual reports were made available to any interested parties through postings to internal and external websites; and
  • Several key defence stakeholders requested copies of the annual report and follow-on discussions with the Defence Renewal Lead.

With the conclusion of the 42nd Federal General Election and attendant “Caretaker Period,” Defence Renewal communications efforts continued, culminating in the wide distribution of the FY 2014/15 Annual Report and associated stakeholder briefs. As well, a focussed internal communications effort marked Full Operational Capability for initiative 4.1’s efforts to Centralize Real Property Management under the Infrastructure and Environment Group on April 1, 2016: a significant milestone.

While progress was made in FY 2015/16 in communicating Defence Renewal, communications across the various initiatives remains uneven with some initiatives communicating extensively while others are less proactive. As initiatives near and enter the implementation phase, communicating with employees and the broader Defence Team about the impact they may experience is an important change management function. Supervisor and employee face-to-face engagement will be important as initiatives continue to mature and reach implementation.