2016 Defence Renewal Annual Report: Positive Momentum for Enduring Success

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9. Defence Renewal Governance and Oversight

Governance and oversight – necessary elements of a successful Defence Renewal Programme – matured in FY 2015/16.

Executive leadership and governance of Defence Renewal was exercised primarily through the Defence Renewal Oversight Committee (DROC): a new body that met for the first time in April 2015. While it did not replace the privilege of senior leadership to consider Defence Renewal issues at the executive table, it offers a forum for candid and focussed discussions on all aspects of the Defence Renewal programme including global reinvestment opportunities, DR-PMF and the status of individual initiatives through updates to DROC.

DROC’s work complements the critical financial oversight that the Investment and Resource Management Committee (IRMC) provides on all business plans, and is the forum for continuing discussions on how the reinvestment opportunities generated across Defence Renewal can be directed back into force readiness and capability development.

Still, a great deal of key oversight and governance continues to occur at the sub-committee level where initiatives can be considered in the proper context and with the appropriate level of detail:

  • the Operational Readiness and Training Committee meets every four months where the four Operations and Training initiatives are examined in details as required;
  • the Material Acquisition and Support Oversight Committee provides effective oversight of the four Material and Maintenance initiatives by meeting every six weeks;
  • the Information Management Board meets regularly -- as frequently as once a month – with the IM/IT  initiatives as standing agenda items;
  • the Infrastructure and Environment Board meets regularly and reviews the progress of the four infrastructure initiatives;
  • Canadian Armed Forces Personnel Management Council meets quarterly and has enhanced its review and oversight of Defence Renewal initiatives; and
  • the Organisational Practices Sub-Committee, has been revitalised and meets quarterly to provide senior level guidance to this complex family of initiatives.

Internal governance and oversight is complemented by external perspectives. The Departmental Audit Committee (DAC) met several times throughout the FY, and the External Advisory Committee (EAC) – a unique body that brings together senior leadership from business and industry to consider Defence Renewal – met in April 2015. Follow-up bilateral meetings between the leadership of Defence Renewal and individual members of the EAC were held in late November 2015. As well, the Review Services Group undertook an examination of the governance structures, risk management practices and internal controls of Defence Renewal to determine if they are suitable for informed decision making and effective reporting. The results of that review will be presented to the DAC in FY 2016/17.