2017 Defence Renewal Annual Report : Realizing the Opportunity

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4. Organisational Practices

Organisational Practices initiatives are those designed to institutionalize the progress made in individual performance initiatives. Over the first three years of Defence Renewal they have followed three thematic areas – Strategic Clarity, Business Execution and Knowledge Sharing.

Work under these initiatives have included a review of the department’s oversight and governance structure, cumulating in the delivery of an independent report in FY 2015/16 with recommendations for changes to senior level program management and oversight. These will be implemented in FY17/18. In addition, FY 2016/17 saw the completion of the change management services contract with KPMG, which has provided guidance on future opportunities to improve business execution, particularly with respect to information management and evidence based decision making. Finally work progressed in the areas of Knowledge Sharing and Cultural Change through the ongoing evolution of interdepartmental working groups which are identifying ways and means of promoting these critical aspects for a modern organization.

Going forward into FY 2017/18, the Defence Renewal Team will increase its focus on organisational practices as it transitions to a role in continuous improvement. Following its original strategic objectives of using analytics and performance measurement to identify opportunities for improvement, the Defence Renewal Team will transition into a body that will support the Department’s goals within the Defence Policy Review and approach to Deliverology.

A key aspect for FY 2017/18 will be the promotion of experimentation, supported by performance measurement and program analytics, to identify innovative solutions and approaches to program issues. Building upon the experience and lessons learned from the implementation of the performance-based initiatives, this enhanced focus for Defence Renewal will enable the department to seek innovation, and through the Knowledge Sharing and Cultural Change working groups will allow it to be optimised throughout the department.