2017 Defence Renewal Annual Report : Realizing the Opportunity

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5. Conclusion

The past year saw the initiatives under Defence Renewal achieve significant impact for the department providing an estimated benefit worth $478 million. Overhead costs and process inefficiencies -- in critical areas such as materiel, information management, and infrastructure -- continue to be reduced, allowing the CAF and DND to address significant financial challenges and improve the overall delivery of services.

Defence Renewal has now reached a point whereby the initiatives will close out over the next two years as targets are met and the renewal activity becomes the normal course of business. The focus going forward will be to ensure that the original strategic objectives of the program be achieved. These include the establishment of performance metrics, the use of analytics to drive experimentation and innovation, and, once implemented, the use of knowledge sharing and organizational change to drive a culture of continuous improvement. As the department moves forward under the direction of the Defence Policy Review (DPR), the benefits and lessons learned from the strategic undertaking of Defence Renewal will support and aid in the  implementation of the new Defence Program.