The Canadian Forces Health Services Group (CF H Svcs Gp) has developed and implemented a mental health system that offers a vast array of high-quality programs and services to Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) members and their families. Our system is admired by many external health organizations and has all the core components to be even more efficient and effective in meeting the future needs of the CAF.

Since mental health is a critical component of overall health and well-being, our Mental Health Strategy is integral to all other aspects of the CF H Svcs Gp’s strategic priorities. This strategy outline will “paint a picture” of the state and the impact of mental illness in the CAF and in Canadian society, identify some unique opportunities to improve, and set priorities and key areas of focus in the continued advancement of our system over the next five years.

A mental health system consists of far more than just the delivery of care to those who develop an illness.  It includes all elements of an organization that could support mental health and, although this strategy is focused on CF H Svcs Gp priorities, it takes into account the requirement to actively engage all levels of the chain of command and all members of the CAF.

We will achieve our vision and protect our centre of gravity by building on the strong and reliable mental health system that exists today. We will focus on the following seven strategic priorities:

  • Optimize Health Outcomes
  • Invest in Our People
  • Increase Partnerships with Internal and External Agencies
  • Optimize Use of Technologies
  • Improve the Efficiency of the Mental Health System
  • Expand Mental Health Education and Training
  • Improve Internal and External Communications

Our Vision

Improve the mental health of CAF members and reduce the impact of mental injury and illness on operations.

Our Mandate

The men and women who commit to serving their country do so with the expectation that the CAF will help them when required for mental and physical injuries and illnesses.

The Canada First Defence Strategy states that Defence will continue to strive for excellence by providing personnel with the highest level of health care possible. Therefore the CF H Svcs Gp has a mandate to deliver high-quality health care, including mental health care, to members of the CAF.

This important mandate inspires all those working in the CF H Svcs Gp. The Directorate of Mental Health has been given the responsibility of advising, developing and implementing a mental health system that is comprehensive and agile to meet the needs of CAF members.

Our Centre of Gravity

An accessible, high-quality, evidence-based mental health system trusted by CAF members.

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