Message to CF electors from Elections Canada - Statement of Ordinary Residence

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Canadian Forces Electors and their Statement of Ordinary Residence (SOR)

As a member of the Canadian Forces, you may vote in federal elections, by-elections and referendums under the Special Voting Rules of the Canadian Elections Act. This voting system enables you to cast your ballot wherever you may be stationed around the world and ensures that your vote is counted in the proper electoral district.

The key to making this sytem work is the Statement of Ordinary Residence that you completed when you enrolled in the Canadian Forces. The address you provided on this form determines the electoral district for which your vote is counted at federal electoral events.

We encourage you to verify the information on your Statement of Ordinary Residence now and make any changes necessary to bring your statement up-to-date.

Elections Canada is committed to ensuring that every Canadian Forces elector can exercise his or her democratic right to vote.

Check it out!

  • When was the last time you checked your Statement of Ordinary Residence (SOR)?
  • Do you know the riding for which your vote will be counted at the next federal election or referendum?

How it works

  • As a Canadian Forces elector, you can vote in a federal election or referendum, whether you are posted in Canada or abroad.
  • You should have completed a Statement of Ordinary Residence when you enrolled or were hired by the Canadian Forces as a teacher or administrative support staff in a Canadian Forces school.
  • The address given on this form is your place of ordinary residence for electoral purposes and determines where your vote will be counted.
  • A Canadian Forces elector's ordinary residence is one of the following:
    • the place of ordinary residence of the spouse, the common-law partner, a relative or a dependant of the elector, a relative of his or her spouse or common-law partner or a person with whom the elector would live if he or she were not enrolled in or hired by the Canadian Forces;
    • the place where the member is residing by reason of his or her performance of services as a member of the Canadian Forces; or
    • the elector's place of ordinary residence immediately before being enrolled in or hired by the Canadian Forces.
  • Now's the time to make sure your information is up-to-date.
  • An amendment to a Statement of Ordinary Residence takes effect:
    • if it is made during an electoral period, 14 days after election day; and
    • if it is made at any other time, 60 days after the commanding officer of the elector's unit receives it.
  • If you want to modify you Statement of Ordinary Residence, you can do it now at your unit orderly room. Ask for form DND 406 if you are a member of the regular forces, or form DND 407 if you are a member of the reserve forces.
  • The Office of the Chief Electoral Officer of Canada validates your Statement of Ordinary Residence and writes in the name of the electoral district where your vote will be counted. A copy of your statement is kept on file at the unit where you are currently serving.

Alert: Need more info?

  • Contact your unit.
  • Look for more information posted in your unit.
  • Visit the Canadian Forces JAG site
  • Contact Elections Canada:
    • Mailing Address:
      257 Slater Street
      Ottawa, ON
      K1A OM6
    • Telephone: 1-800-INFO-VOTE (1-800-463-6868), toll-free in Canada or the United States;
      001-800-514-6868, toll-free in Mexico;
      613-993-2975 from anywhere in the world;
      for the hearing impaired at TTY 1-800-361-8935, toll-free in Canada and the United States
    • Fax: 613-954-8584 or 1-800-363-4796, toll-free in Canada and the United States
    • through the Elections Canada Web site
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