Annex C: NATO acronyms



 The following table shows the acronyms used in the Guide to Navigating NATO Procurement and their definition.

Acronyms Definition  


 Authority to issue Invitation For Bids
ACCS  Air Command and Control System
ACO  Allied Command Operations
ACT  Allied Command Transformation
AGS  Alliance Ground Surveillance
ALTBMD  Active Layered Theatre Ballistic Missile Defence
AMN  Afghanistan Mission Network
AOM  Alliance Operations and Missions
ARS  Air Operations Centre, RAP Production Centre and Sensor Fusion Post
AWACS  Airborne Warning And Control System
Bi-SC  Bi-Strategic Command (ACO and ACT)
BOA  Basic Ordering Agreement
BV  Best Value
C3  Command, Control and Communication
C4ISR  Command, Control, Communications, Computing, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance
CAOC  Combined Air Operations Centre
CAT  Capability Area Team
CBRN  Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear
CEPMA  Central Europe Pipeline Management Agency (Now part of NSPA)
C-IED  Counter-Improvised Explosive Device
CIS  Communication and Information Systems
CMRE  NATO Centre for Maritime Research & Experimentation
CNAD  Conference of the National Armaments Directors
COFFA  Certificate of Final Financial Acceptance
COTS  Commercial Off-the-Shelf
DARS  Deployable ARS
DAT POW  Defence Against Terrorism Programme Of Work
DOE  Declaration of Eligibility
FSC  Facility Security Clearance
HN  Host Nation
IBAN  International Board of Auditors for NATO
IC  Investment Committee
ICB  International Competitive Bidding
IFB  Invitation For Bids
IMS  International Military Staff
IS  International Staff
ISAF  International Security Assistance Force
ISR  Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance
JFAI  Joint Final Acceptance Inspection
JEWCS  Joint Electronic Warfare Core Staff
JFC  Joint Forces Command
JWC  Joint Warfare Centre
KFOR  Kosovo Force
LCB  Lowest Compliant Bid
LCC  Life Cycle Cost
MBC  Military Budget Committee
MC  Military Committee
MMR  Minimum Military Requirement
NAC  North Atlantic Council
NACMA  NATO ACCS Management Agency (Now part of NCIA)
NADREP  National Armament Directors Representative
NAMA  NATO Airlift Management Agency
NAMSA  NATO Maintenance and Supply Agency (Now part of NSPA)
NATEX  National Technical Expert
NATO  North Atlantic Treaty Organisation
NC3A  NATO Consultation, Command and Control Agency (Now part of NCIA)
NCB  National Competitive Bidding
NCIA  NATO Communication and Information Agency
NCSA  NATO CIS Services Agency (Now part of NCIA)
NHQC3 Staff  NATO Headquarters Consultation, Command and Control Staff
NIAG  NATO Industrial Advisory Group
NOI  Notice Of Intent
NOR  NATO Office of Resources
NOS  NATO Office of Security
NRF  NATO Response Force
NSIP  NATO Security Investment Programme
NSPA  NATO Support Agency
PfP  Partnership for Peace
PSC  Personnel and Site Clearances
QMV  Qualified Majority Voting
RAP  Recognized Air Picture
RFBV  Request For Bidders' Views
RFP  Request For Proposals
SACEUR  Supreme Allied Commander Europe
SACT  Supreme Allied Commander Transformation
SC  Strategic Command
SHAPE  Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe
THN  Territorial Host Nation
WGNTE  Working Group of National Technical Experts