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What  soldier system capabilities interest CANSOFCOM?

Within CANSOFCOM, many soldier system capabilities are life-cycled on a regular basis (typically 3 to 5 years) in order to remain current and employ leading edge technologies.  Therefore, the requirements within soldier systems are enduring.  These requirements apply to the land, sea and air environments.  Ideas that integrate individual components to make a more capable system are of interest.  In general, if you have a product in the following areas, or those introducing a generational leap in technology, we would like to hear from you.

Personal Protection Equipment

Protection equipment should provide superior protection at a reduced weight that is highly functional and durable.  It should also be low visibility with the inability for an adversary to detect.  Specific items include Helmets, Clothing, Personal Body Armour, Life Vests, and Wet Suits.

Personal and Crew Served Weapons

Although key capabilities, these systems are not replaced frequently and typically remain in service for a long period of time.  This equipment should be light and highly functional, providing consistent and reliable precision effects both directly and indirectly.  It must also be able to perform in all environments under extreme conditions.  Example: Sniper Systems, Light Machine Guns, Heavy Machine Guns, Anti-Armour Weapons.


New technology in this domain will allow CANSOFCOM to detect, at a high resolution and precision with low noise and power usage during the day and night.  These items should be light and able to endure extreme environmental conditions, and include components such as Personal Night Vision Devices, Target Designators, and Sighting Systems.

Load Carriage Systems

Development in this area will allow an individual to carry heavier external loads further and experiencing less fatigue through the use of advanced load carriage systems.  It should also allow the person to move with best possible speed and agility.

Advanced Power Systems

Power supply solutions such as New Battery Technology and Power Generation systems should be light and enduring.  They should be capable of powering multiple equipment carried by the individual and capable of performing under extreme environmental conditions while remaining safe.

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