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The Mercury Global (MG) Project will deliver military satellite communications (SATCOM) wideband capabilities that address beyond line of sight (BLOS) communications deficiencies globally (between 70 degree N and 70 degree S) by enabling SATCOM connectivity for domestic or international operations to meet the command and control (C2) needs of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF).


The MG Project will provide guaranteed access to high-capacity military reserved X and Ka-band frequencies. MG Project has three deliverables: an assured Space Segment access (completed); sovereign Anchor Station sites (contract was awarded 17 Nov 14); and Strategic Deployable Terminals (SDTs). These deliverables will assur CAF the needed SATCOM capacity, the worldwide availability, and maximum of flexibility to support CAF operations deployed domestically or internationally. The MG program has a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the United States (US) Wideband Global SATCOM (WGS) Program that grants access to its wideband constellation. This will provide interoperability and strategic communications with other Government Departments and Allies. The final portion of the MG Project’s deliverables is a series of terminals known as SDTs. These terminals complement the sovereign Anchor Station sites by supporting deployed CAF units with access to the space segment and sovereign ground entry sites with National Rear Link (NRL) connectivity, which is also referred to as the deployed headquarters’ backhaul support.

Preliminary Estimate

  • Under $20 million

Anticipated Timeline

  • 2015
    • Request for Proposal Release
  • 2016
    • Implementation Approval
    • Contract Award
    • Final Delivery

Point of Contact

Director General Space
Phone: 613-945-5566

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