DAG 2015 - Land Systems Services

Land Command Support System Intelligence Surveillance Reconnaisance Modernization

Replace Existing Systems


This project will modernize and integrate the command, control and planning elements of the various Canadian Army intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance systems.


The manoeuvre units of the Army of Tomorrow will require dedicated integral sensors that can provide pervasive coverage over large areas of operations with optimal effect. Although replacement of existing sensors and addition to sensor capability will be considered, the focus of effort will be towards integrating, interfacing and consolidating existing sensor information efficiently, making sensor outputs readily available to commanders and staff throughout the battlefield, providing tools for the effective management and control of all battlefield sensors and enabling access to external sensor products from Joint, Interagency, Multinational and Public sources.

Preliminary Estimate

  • $250 million to $499 million

Anticipated Timeline

  • 2018
    • Options Analysis
  • 2019
    • Definition Approval
  • 2020
    • Request for Proposal Release
  • 2021
    • Implementation Approval
  • 2022
    • Contract Award
  • 2025
    • Final Delivery

Point of Contact

Director Land Requirements
Phone: 819-994-4225

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