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Multi Role Boat


To deliver a modern ship’s boat system, replacing obsolete boats and the launch and recovery system used on the 12 Halifax Class frigates. The project will deliver an increased capability providing more capable ship’s boats and higher capacity multi-functional launch and recovery systems. The system will also include features to improve the personnel safety during boat tasks and operations.


The new system will be required to perform all ship’s boat missions and tasks which include boarding operations, support to humanitarian and disaster relief operations, over-the-horizon operations in all conditions of visibility in up to sea state 5, surveillance, general transportation of personnel and cargo and support to diving operations. Boat improvements will include increased speed, dual engines, shock mounted seating for 12 personnel, larger load capability and electronics upgrades (communications, navigation and sensors). The boat will be the nine-metre class rigid-hull inflatable boat. The launch and recovery system will have a minimum lifting capacity of 15,500 pounds. It will also serve as the cargo handling system. Not only will it be capable of launching and recovering a fully loaded boat with personnel (12), it will also be capable of handling other Department of National Defence and Other Government Departments’ boats of similar size and unmanned vehicles. The launch and recovery systems will be articulated cranes positioned on both sides of the ship – midships. Specific system quantities and configurations will be known once options analysis has been completed.

Preliminary Estimate

  • $50 million to $99 million

Anticipated Timeline

  • 2015
    • Options Analysis
  • 2016
    • Definition Approval
    • Request for Proposal Release
  • 2017
    • Implementation Approval
    • Contract Award
  • 2020
    • Final Delivery

Point of Contact

Director of Naval Requirements
Phone : 819-939-3950

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