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Minor Warships And Auxiliary Vessel In-Service Support Contract

In-Service Support


The Minor Warship and Auxiliary Vessel (MWAV) In-Service Support Contract (ISSC) will provide long-term in-service support for minor warships and auxiliary vessels including: Kingston Class, Orca training vessels, tugs, dive, research, range, and auxiliary support barges and vessels.


Service Delivery. To provide second and third line maintenance activities to the vessels under the contract.  The service delivery processes are broadly categorized as Engineering Services, Production Services and Materiel Management Services.  The Contractor will be required to provide these services in home port and abroad to ships and ship’s systems excluding Government Furnished Equipment (GFE), such as crypto, weapons systems and lifesaving equipment.

Life Cycle Materiel Management (LCMM).  To effectively manage the ships, systems and equipment through life, the contractor will be required to take on certain LCMM functions. These functions include providing assistance in the Management of the Design Intent; which is the validation of ship performance against the Design Intent and the continuing alignment of the Design Intent with actual vessel performance.  The provision of Maintenance Program Management to continuously improve and optimize the maintenance program for the ships/vessels based on the class materiel state and maintenance outcomes.  Additional LCMM functions include: Engineering Change Management; Configuration Management; Spares and Asset Inventory Management; Supply Chain Management; Technical Data Management; Obsolescence Management; and Disposal Management.

In-Service Support Program Management. In the context of this long term in-service support contract, the Contractor may be called upon to provide limited In-Service Support Program Management support.  In this role, the contractor would contribute to class plans that outline in-service support activities to be executed.

Preliminary Estimate

  • More than $1.5 billion

Anticipated Timeline

  • 2018
    • Request for Proposal Release
  • 2019
    • Contract Award
  • 2026 to 2035
    • Final Delivery

Point of Contact

Director Maritime Equipment Programme Management, Minor War Ships and Auxiliary Vessels
Phone: 819-939-3482

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