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Omnibus Aviation Life Support Equipment Modernization

Replace Existing Systems with Newer or Different System


The objective of Omnibus Aviation Life Support Equipment Modernization (OALSEMP) is to provide RCAF aircrew with a systems engineered solution that provides improved immersion protection and improved survival vest capability with significantly improved thermal management.


OALSEMP consists of two sub-projects: Multi-fleet Constant Wear Immersion Suit System (MF-CWISS) and Multi-fleet Aircrew Survival Vest System (MF-ASVS). Target fleets for MF-CWISS are all Rotary Wing fleets, while the targets for MF-ASVS are Rotary Wing Fleets plus the CC-130, CC-177 and Long Range Patrol fleets.

As the RCAF operates regularly over extremely cold maritime areas, the ability to safeguard aircrew in the event of water entry is critical. The new immersion suit system must provide improved immersed survival time over the current system, be significantly more robust, less bulky and provide improved thermal management to reduce crew fatigue when not immersed. The new survival vest system must provide integrated crew restraint, hoisting, flotation, body armour and load carriage capability, with reduced bulk and weight and improved thermal management as compared to in-service systems. The survival vest system must be modular and re-configurable. The two systems must complement each other and be compatible with all aircrew stations and other ALSE. The level of robustness and thermal management must be such that the system can be utilized for pre-, post- and in-flight activities without risk to its immersion protection capabilities or inducing undue fatigue.

Preliminary Estimate

  • $20 million to $49 million

Anticipated Timeline

  • 2019 Definition Approval
  • 2021 Implementation Approval
  • 2021 Request for Proposal Release
  • 2022 Contract Award
  • 2024 Final Delivery

Point of Contact

Director Air Requirements
Phone: 613-944-3293

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