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Enhanced Information Technology Infrastructure

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The proposal is being consolidated within another project - ITI in Sp of C2 project.

Replace Existing Systems with Newer or Different System


Over the past ten years, DND/CAF’s information technology infrastructure (ITI) has evolved in a somewhat ad hoc manner without an overarching architectural vision. This has resulted in an inefficient delivery of services across the enterprise, and in rigid systems that are often too inflexible to meet operational requirements. As well, the establishment of independent and isolated systems to handle different classifications has increased ITI support costs while impeding the flow of information. The Enhanced Information Technology Infrastructure project will enhance the structure and delivery of DND/CAF ITI in order to address identified deficiencies and to provide the enterprise with more agile and flexible ITI services. The transformed ITI will be more adaptable to changing circumstances, will provide improved support to operations, and will make more efficient use of limited ITI support resources.


The Project requires specialized knowledge and expertise to define and implement ITI capability enhancements within the department. Deliverables include the following: Information Technology Service Management which will implement coordinated ITSM processes across the department; Service Oriented Architecture, which will transform the department’s ITI to a more modular and flexible approach; Enterprise Services Extension, which will improve the extension of enterprise services to deployed operations; and Multi-Level Security, which will implement capabilities to allow information with various classifications to securely share common ITI.

Preliminary Estimate

  • $250 million to $499 million

Anticipated Timeline

Point of Contact

Assistant Deputy Minister of Information Management
Phone: 613-995-2017

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