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Enhanced Satellite Communication Project

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The Enhanced Satellite Communication (ESCP) Project will complete the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) Satellite Communication (SATCOM) Roadmap. The objective of ESCP is to provide global Ultra-High Frequency (UHF) narrowband SATCOM, essential for Beyond Line Of Sight communications for tactical operations and highly-mobile platforms. In addressing its global aspect, the Arctic was directed to become a part of the ESCP mandate. In March 2016, the mandate of the project initially known as Tactical Narrowband SATCOM (TNS) was further amended to include the addition of wideband SATCOM capability for the Canadian North and Joint Task Force North Area of Responsibility. As a result, the TNS project was renamed to ESCP.


Phase I of the ESCP will provide guaranteed access to low-capacity UHF narrowband SATCOM globally between 65°N and 65°S latitudes. ESCP will deliver both assured Space Segment access as well as sovereign ground entry sites; thereby assuring the CAF the needed SATCOM capacity, the worldwide availability, and maximum flexibility to support CAF operations deployed domestically or internationally.

Phase II of the ESCP will provide partnered wideband and narrowband MILSATCOM capability in Canada’s North, completing global wideband access to the CAF (see Mercury Global Project).

Preliminary Estimate

  • More than $1.5 billion

Anticipated Timeline

  • 2018 Definition Approval
  • 2018 Request for Proposal Release
  • 2019 Implementation Approval
  • 2020 Contract Award
  • 2024 Final Delivery

Point of Contact

Director General Space
Phone: 613-945-5566

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