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Medium Earth Orbit Search and Rescue

Replace Existing Systems with Newer or Different System


The Medium Earth Orbit Search and Rescue (MEOSAR) project will deliver a space segment, comprising up to 24 Search and Rescue (SAR) repeaters that will be hosted on United States Air Force's next-generation GPS III satellite constellation. The project will also deliver a ground segment comprised of up to three satellite ground stations in Canada with specialised satellite tracking software and information processing systems. This system is used to locate persons in distress when an emergency locator beacon has been activated.


The MEOSAR repeaters, operating in Medium Earth Orbit, will reduce beacon detection times and calculate beacon coordinates more accurately for the coordination, execution and dispatch of Search And Rescue (SAR) resources; thus ensuring a more timely response to distress alerts anywhere within the Canadian SAR Area Of Responsibility. The project will also require a ground segment to track MEOSAR satellites to process and provide location information of activated distress alerts. The two segments combined represent a significant improvement over the existing systems. The MEOSAR system is expected to deliver improved response times for SAR activities in Canada’s three ocean approaches and the entire land mass.

Preliminary Estimate

  • $100 million to $249 million

Anticipated Timeline

  • 2017 Implementation Approval
  • 2016 Request for Proposal Release
  • 2017 Contract Award
  • 2021 Final Delivery

Point of Contact

Director General Space
Phone: 613-945-5566

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