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Containerized Systems

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for DAG 2016

Replace Existing Systems with Newer or Different System


To provide the ability for container-capable Royal Canadian Navy ships to re-role in a short period of time through the supply and use of various containerized capabilities housed in standard 20 foot Equivalent Unit (TEU) ISO shipping containers and exploiting standardized mission module interfaces. These capabilities may include, but are not limited to, Humanitarian Assistance Disaster Response (i.e. medical modules, waste module, water generation, power generation, etc.), Command and Control, Ancilliary Combat/Operations Equipment (i.e. sensors, communications, etc.) Unmanned Systems Modules ((i.e. Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, Unmanned Surface Vehicle, Unmanned systems ground stations and/or support equipment, etc.), Naval Mine Counter Measures, and Harbour Protection Systems (i.e. security modules, workshop modules for harbour repair) for use at sea and/or ashore.


Multi-use containerized capability sets that can be deployed on Harry DeWolf, Queenston and Kingston-class vessels as well as the Auxillary Oil Replenisher. These capabilities will be immediately deployable with sea, land and/or air lift using existing infrastructure. Where possible standardized interfaces will be adopted in line with current Mission Modularity STANAG development project in order to leverage capabilities across NATO.

Preliminary Estimate

  • $20 million to $49 million

Anticipated Timeline

  • 2018 Options Analysis
  • 2019 Definition Approval
  • 2021 Implementation Approval
  • 2022 Request for Proposal Release
  • 2022 Contract Award
  • 2024 Final Delivery

Point of Contact

Director of Naval Requirements
Phone: 819-939-3950

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