Naval testing and infrastructure support

The Testing and Infrastructure Support (TIS) section  provides a wide range of technical and manufacturing support to test and evaluation projects. The Testing and Infrastructure Support section also maintains the facility infrastructure.

The TIS Section includes qualified trades people, technologists and engineers with many years of test and evaluation experience at NETE, including individuals qualified as Project Management Professionals through the Project Management Institute (PMI).

The TIS section provides the following support capabilities:

Chemical analysis

The Naval Engineering Test Establishment (NETE) chemistry laboratory conducts evaluations, chemical analyses and physical tests on materials and equipment including:

  • Fuel and lubricant testing, including testing for Equipment Health Monitoring (EHM) programs
  • Exhaust emissions measurements for diesels, gas turbines and other stationary sources
  • Testing of effluents for compliance with environmental regulations
  • Evaluation of health and safety test methods and equipment
  • Evaluation and testing of Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) air filtration equipment
  • Evaluation of software tools for analysis of laboratory data


The instrumentation group designs, installs, and operates control and data acquisition instrumentation for the test and evaluation of shipboard structures, machinery and systems. Typical applications involve recording strain, torque, vibration, shock, noise, speed, load, as well as environmental conditions such as temperature, pressure and humidity.

NETE has a wide range of transducers, signal conditioners and data acquisition systems, including:

  • Transducer and recorder calibrators
  • Portable, rugged and self-contained digital recorders
  • Multichannel digital chart recorders
  • LabView® based acquisition and control instrumentation
  • Electrical power analyzers
  • Accelerometers, microphones and hydrophones
  • Thermocouples and Resistence Temperature Detectors (RTD)
  • Pressure and flow sensors
  • Global Positioning System (GPS), Linear Variable Differential Transformers (LVDTs) and load cell sensors


The metrology services include non-destructive testing, dimensional inspections, alignments, in-situ inspection of high pressure air cylinders, and bearing failure analysis.

NETE metrology equipment and services include:

  • Video microscopic inspection with digital output
  • Boroscopic inspection
  • Bearing analysis
  • Hardness and surface roughness measurements
  • Eddy current and magnetic particle inspections
  • Ultrasonic inspection and thickness measurements


Photography services are available to record events using still high resolution digital photography and digital video recording (regular and high speed) including:

  • Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) portable system with secure storage capabilities
  • National Television System Committee (NTSC) and high-definition television (HDTV) video cameras
  • 3D Virtual Reality Tour design (e.g. Victoria Class Virtual Reality (VR))
  • Infrared Camera -40 to +2000°C for thermography surveys
  • High speed video cameras 512x512 at 2,000 frames per second (FPS)
  • High speed video cameras 1024x1024 at 5,400 FPS (up to 150,000 FPS with reduced sizes)
  • Long range HDTV camera (600mm lens)
  • Video motion analysis – Xcitex 3D ProAnalyst
  • Video strain analysis – Correlated SolutionsVIC-3D
  • Photo/video software editing

Drafting and animation

Drafting and animation capabilities include two and three dimensional drawings, solid modeling, and animation of engineering designs. NETE has complete scanning, editing and high quality colour printing facilities.

Mechanical assembly and manufacturing

NETE has in-house facilities to support fabrication, assembly and service requirements. Shop services include machining, welding, carpentry, electrical installation, and mechanical assembly. Resources include:

  • Cooling water to 454 m3/h, 8.8 MW at 24C
  • Superheated and saturated steam
  • Low and high pressure air
  • Petroleum fuel storage and supply
  • Boring mills, lathe, milling machines
  • Metal inert gas (MIG), tungsten inert gas (TIG) and oxy-acetylene welding
  • Overhead rolling bridge crane with 13363 kg capacity and forklift with 1818 kg capacity