Medium Support Vehicle System Project

Project summary

Through the Medium Support Vehicle System (MSVS) Project, the Government of Canada is acquiring a new fleet of medium capacity logistics trucks for the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) to replace its current fleet of Medium Logistics Vehicle Wheeled (MLVW) trucks in service since the 1980s. In addition, the project has acquired new ISO container-based mobile workspaces or “kitted shelters” that provide medical, dental, workshop, field kitchen, command post capabilities among others.

These new trucks and ancillary equipment will provide lift and logistical support on the ground, and will transport equipment and supplies where they are needed most both at home and abroad.

The MSVS is a multi-phased project that is composed of five components: 

  1. Militarized Commercial Off-The-Shelf (MilCOTS) trucks (completed)
  2. Shelters (completed) 
  3. Kitting of Shelters (completed) 
  4. Standard Military Pattern (SMP) trucks, including trailers, armour protection systems, and in-service support (ongoing)
  5. Minor infrastructure upgrades (ongoing)

Project phases

Currently in Phase 4: Implementation


1. Identification

1. Identification

  • October 20, 2000
2. Options analysis

2. Options analysis

  • July 15, 2004
3. Definition

3. Definition

  • Preliminary project approval: June 2006
4. Implementation

4. Implementation

  • Project approval ‐ phase 4: Standard Military Pattern (SMP) Trucks, Trailers and Armoured Protection Systems (Armoured Cabs): May 2015
    • SMP contract award: June 2015
    • SMP first delivery: late fall 2017
    • SMP delivery complete: mid 2019
  • Project approval ‐ phase 5: infrastructure: May 2015
5. Close-out

5. Close-out

  • December 2020

Additional information

Project updates

Project updates

November 2016
Delivery of the last kitted shelter from DEW Engineering completed.

June 2015
Two contracts were awarded to Mack Defense for the procurement of 1537 Standard Military Pattern trucks, trailers and armoured protection systems, with an expected first vehicle delivery fall 2017.

February 2015
The CAF obtains all 994 purchased shelters (plus one prototype) from DEW Engineering.

March 2011
The MSVS project receives all 1300 purchased MilCOTS from Navistar Defense LLC.

Benefiting Canadian industry

Benefiting Canadian industry

Industrial and regional benefits


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Technical information

About the Medium Support Vehicle System Project (MSVS)

MSVS technical specifications

MilCOTS Specifications

  • Length: 11.1 metres
  • Maximum Towed Load: 10 tonnes
  • Crew: 1 to 23 (depending on variant)
  • Variants: 6

Shelters Specifications

  • Length: 6.1 metres
  • Maximum Gross Weight: 7,000 kg – 10,000 kg (depending on variant)
  • Crew: 2 to 12 (depending on variant)
  • Variants: 6
  • Configurations: 28

SMP Specifications

  • Length: nominal 10 – 11 metres (depending on variant)
  • Rated Capacity: 9.5 tonnes
  • Crew: 1 to 27 (depending on variant)
  • Variants: 5
    • Cargo;
    • Cargo with Crane;
    • Mobile Repair Team;
    • Load Handling System; and
    • Gun Tractor.
Project costs

Project costs

The cost of the MSVS project is $1.5 billion, including $50 million for major in-service support contracts.

Costs include:

  • Vehicles
  • Kitted shelters
  • Trailers
  • Armoured protection systems
  • In-service support
  • Project management costs
  • Infrastructure
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