Tactical Armoured Patrol Vehicle


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TAPV, Tactical Armoured Patrol Vehicle

4x4 wheeled armoured vehicle with very high degree of protection against a variety of threats

Multi-mission capable and highly mobile

Mobility & Fuel statisics

Maximum forward speed: 110 km/h

Range: 650 km @ 88 km/hr

Type: Diesel or JP-8: Jet fuel

Capacity: 272 L (Main) + 19 L  (Reserve)

Remote Weapons System with 40mm automatic grenade launcher and C6 machine gun.



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Project summary

The Government of Canada is procuring 500 Tactical Armoured Patrol Vehicles (TAPV), with the option for 100 additional vehicles. In June 2012, Textron Systems Canada Inc. (Ottawa, Ontario) was awarded two contracts, one for the acquisition of 500 vehicles, valued at $603.4 million, and a second contract for their support at $105.4 million to conduct in-service support for the fleet for five years following the last vehicle delivery.

The TAPV is a wheeled combat vehicle that will conduct reconnaissance and surveillance, security, command and control, and armoured transport of personnel and equipment. The vehicle is highly mobile and provides a very high degree of protection for its crew. 

The TAPV will replace the reconnaissance role currently carried out by the Coyote reconnaissance vehicles (LAV II), and the patrolling, liaison, and VIP transport roles formerly carried out by the Armoured Patrol Vehicle (RG-31). The TAPV will complement the Light Utility Vehicle Wheeled (G-Wagon).

The TAPV is part of the Family of Land Combat vehicle projects announced in July 2009.

Project phases

Currently in Phase 4: Implementation


1. Identification

1. Identification

  • Completed March 2008
2. Options analysis

2. Options analysis

  • March 2009 to June 2009
3. Definition

3. Definition

  • June 2009 to June 2012
4. Implementation

4. Implementation

  • Preliminary Project Approval: July 2009
  • Reliability testing: Completed April 2016
  • Vehicle delivery: Started August 2016
5. Close-out

5. Close-out

  • 2020

Additional information

Project updates

Project updates

August 2017

As of August 2017, a total of 238 TAPVs were delivered with the remaining vehicles expected by mid-2018.

August 2016

The deliveries of the TAPV started on August 12, 2016.

April 2016

While the TAPV passed rigorous certification testing as part of the procurement process, reliability testing after the contract was awarded identified challenges with the vehicle’s complex design. Textron Systems Canada Inc., the supplier, implemented improvements to the steering and suspension system and vehicle structure.  The contractor successfully completed a second round of reliability testing at the Nevada Automotive Test Centre in mid-April 2016.

October, 2012

Rheinmetall Canada has been awarded a contract by Textron Systems Canada Inc. to provide the Canadian Army with new and improved TAPV.

June 2012

The Government of Canada announced two competitively awarded contracts to Textron Systems Canada Inc., of Ottawa, Ontario, for the acquisition of 500 TAPV for the Canadian Army, and for associated long-term support. The contract is valued at $603.4 million (excluding GST/HST) and includes both configurations of the vehicle, as well as associated equipment. The support contract, valued at $105.4 million (excluding GST/HST), includes the deliverables necessary to establish and conduct the long-term support for the fleet for five years following the last vehicle delivery.

Benefiting Canadian industry

Benefiting Canadian industry

Industrial and regional benefits


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Technical information

About the Tactical Armoured Patrol Vehicle (TAPV)

TAPV general specifications

  • Weight: 18 tonnes
  • Height: 2.39 metres to roof, 3.21 metres with remote weapons system
  • Length: 6.81 metres
  • Width: 2.75 metres
  • Basic weight: 15,850 kilograms (curb weight)
  • Combat load: 18,300 kilograms (gross vehicle weight) (41,000 lbs)
  • Maximum forward speed: 110 kilometres per hour
  • Range: 650 kilometres at 88 kilometres per hour
  • Fuel type: Diesel of JP-8 (jet fuel)
  • Fuel capacity: 272 litres (main) plus 19 litres (reserve)

Reconnaissance TAPV

  • 193 to be delivered
  • 138 equipped with a remote weapons system
  • Crew of three personnel (driver, crew commander, gunner) and two soldiers

General Utility TAPV

  • 307 to be delivered
  • 226 equipped with a remote weapons system
  • Crew of three personnel (driver, crew commander, gunner) and three soldiers
Project costs

Project costs

The TAPV contract is worth $603.4 million, with an additional in-service support contract of $105.4 million for five years following the last vehicle delivery.


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