Cadet Leagues of Canada (Army, Air, and Navy) Grant Program

The objective of this program is to permit the Cadet Leagues to concentrate their efforts on attracting and developing an extensive volunteer network in support of the Cadet Organizations.

The Cadet Leagues’ mandate is to put in place a highly effective volunteer association framework in order to support their purpose which is to facilitate youth access to the Cadet Movement across Canada and support the three main aims of the Cadet Program, namely to develop the attributes of good citizenship and leadership in young Canadians, promote physical fitness and stimulate the interest of youth in sea, land and air activities.

The Cadet organizations deliver a training program to approximately 54,000 cadets, aged 12 to 18.

Type of transfer payment: Grant

General targeted recipient group: Navy League of Canada, Army Cadet League of Canada, and Air Cadet League of Canada.

Contact information: Send an email to

Application form: The program is not available to external applicants.

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