Contributions in support of the Capital Assistance Program (CAP)

The Capital Assistance Program (CAP) provides funding to eligible recipients who have the mandate/capacity to operate and maintain Department of National Defence (DND) infrastructure and who also benefit from joint use opportunities.

DND makes contributions through the CAP to improve the infrastructure that supports its operations, whether by constructing new infrastructure elements or expanding/upgrading existing ones. These elements include:

  • roads, sidewalks and sewers;
  • water treatment plants and water distribution systems;
  • expansion and/or upgrading of existing local infrastructure to better support DND requirements (e.g. water treatment plants, water distribution systems, airport runway extensions, roads); and/or
  • construction of new local infrastructure, such as:
    • community-oriented facilities for shared use by the Base/Wing and local authorities (e.g. arenas, gymnasiums, swimming pools, community centers); and
    • infrastructure to support non-operational requirements, such as for residential accommodation (e.g. roads, sidewalks, sewers), and infrastructure to support operational requirements (e.g. new access to the Base/Wing).

DND has a two-step contribution agreement to help recipients receive funding early. Recipients sign a first contribution agreement during the design stage of the project and receive funding from DND. Once the design and any other aspects are approved, recipients sign a second contribution agreement and begin the project.

Type of transfer payment: Contribution

General targeted recipient group: Provinces, territories, municipalities, and crown agencies who propose cost-effective projects to maintain infrastructure. These organizations benefit from these contributions, as the infrastructure is also used by others.

Contact information: Call the Program Coordinator at 613-996-0205.

Application form: The program is not available to external applicants.

For more information: Call the Program Coordinator at 613-996-0205.

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