Mr. Larry Murray CM, CMM, CD, Chair

Mr. Larry Murray CM, CMM, CD

Mr. Larry Murray has held a number of senior positions in the Canadian Armed Forces and Public Service. During his career with the Canadian Armed Forces, he served at sea in a variety of ships and held several senior positions, including as Deputy Chief of the Defence Staff, Commander of Maritime Command, Vice Chief of the Defence Staff and, finally, Acting Chief of the Defence Staff from October 1996 until September 1997. Mr. Murray retired from the Canadian Armed Forces in 1997 and joined the Public Service as Associate Deputy Minister of Fisheries and Oceans. He was appointed Deputy Minister of Veterans Affairs Canada in 1999 and Deputy Minister of Fisheries and Oceans in 2003. He retired from the Public Service of Canada in 2007.

Since retiring from the Public Service, Mr. Murray has served on Task Forces, Advisory and Audit Committees. He is also a former Chair of the Board of the Public Policy Forum, a former President of the Nova Scotia Mainland Division of the Navy League of Canada and honourary Grand President of the Royal Canadian Legion.

Mr. Murray has received many prestigious awards in recognition of his leadership in the Canadian Armed Forces, Public Service of Canada, national voluntary commitments, as well as his support to Canadian Armed Forces personnel, Veterans and their families. He was appointed as a Member of the Order of Canada in 2013.


Mr. Martin Gagné, Member

Mr. Martin Gagné

Mr. Martin Gagné spent 17 years at CAE before retiring as Group President for Military Simulation and Training in 2012. During his career with CAE, he served in various roles such as: Vice-President of Visual Systems, Vice-President of Military Marketing and Sales, and Executive Vice-President of Civil Simulation and Training.

Prior to joining CAE, Mr. Gagné acquired extensive management and leadership experience during his 23 years as a member of the Canadian Armed Forces. As a senior aerospace engineering officer he was involved in the acquisition and maintenance activities of various aircraft fleets including the CF-18 and MHP. He has a Master’s degree in computer engineering.

Mr. Gagné serves on the Board of Directors for the Canadian Association of Defence and Security Industries (CADSI) and is on CCC’s Board of Directors as the Chair of the Operations Committee.

Ms. Renée Jolicœur, Member

Ms. Renée Jolicœur

Ms. Renée Jolicœur retired from the Public Service in 2014 as the Associate Deputy Minister of Public Works and Government Services. Prior to serving as Associate Deputy Minister, Ms. Jolicœur was the Assistant Deputy Minister of Accounting, Banking and Compensation Branch responsible for managing the operations of the Federal Treasury. She was also responsible for the management and delivery of the administration of the public service pay and pension which maintains accounts for the various pension funds.

Before joining Public Works and Government Services Ms. Jolicœur was an executive in National Defence first as Director Internal Audit and Review, and following a promotion she became responsible for administering Canadian Armed Forces members’ pay and pension. She previously served with Transport Canada, the former Departments of Consumer and Corporate Affairs and Labour Canada, and the Public Service Commission in areas of auditing, strategic and operational planning, and human resources.

In recognition of her leadership and dedication to the Public Service, Ms. Jolicœur was awarded the 2013 Public Service of Canada Outstanding Achievement Award by the Prime Minister.


Mr. Philippe Lagassé, Member

Mr. Philippe Lagassé

Mr Philippe Lagassé is associate professor and the William and Jeanie Barton Chair at the Norman Paterson School of International Affairs, Carleton University.  He holds degrees from McGill University, Royal Military College of Canada, and Carleton University.  He taught previously at the Graduate School of Public and International Affairs, University of Ottawa. 

Mr Lagassé’s research focuses on defence policy and military procurement, as well as civil-military relations and the role of institutions in international policymaking in the Westminster tradition.  His publications have appeared in various Canadian and international scholarly journals. 

His public sector experience includes consultancies with the Office of the Judge Advocate General and the Office of the Auditor General, and he was an independent reviewer of the 2012-2014 evaluation of options to replace Canada's CF-18 fighter aircraft.

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