CFB Esquimalt

Current Projects

Current Projects

1. Modernization of the Fleet Maintenance Facility (Cape Breton)

The Fleet Maintenance Facility (Cape Breton) project is a five phased project that is consolidating and modernizing the DND ship maintenance facilities at Her Majesty’s Canadian Dockyard Esquimalt.The work involved will see the Esquimalt facilities consolidated into three modern buildings. The FMF (Cape Breton) project scope includes: construction of one new industrial-support building; significant additions and renovation work on two existing modern industrial buildings; extensive upgrading of the Dockyard’s utility services; and general site improvements.

Value: Approx $205.4 million (Overall project cost, including taxes)

2. Interim Health Services Centre

As part of a health services modernization program, this temporary medical facility will provide additional space and bridge care until the permanent Health Services Centre is complete. A one-storey annex of 693 m2 will be constructed adjacent to CFB Esquimalt’s existing Health Services Centre. This will improve holistic patient care for associated medical services.

Value: Approx $1.2 million (Overall project cost, including taxes)

3. Base Fire Hall and Emergency Response Centre

The project to construct a base fire hall and emergency response centre involves the construction of a two-story, two-wing, 4,438 m2 facility, which will feature five drive-through bays for emergency vehicles, and has been designed to be operational following an earthquake. This project includes a second phase, which involves the demolition of the outdated existing Dockyard fire hall.

Value: Approx. $35.5 million (Overall project cost, including taxes)

4. Construction of a new 443 Squadron facility at Patricia Bay

This project will consolidate all squadron operations and support functions into a single 19,668 m2 facility. It will house nine CH-148 Cyclone helicopters, accommodate all operational and maintenance support spaces and equipment, as well as 350 personnel. The project also includes the construction of an exterior aircraft apron capable of parking up to five Cyclone helicopters, a taxiway linking the parking apron to the runway, an aircraft wash area and re-fuelling cabinet, a parking area for up to 300 vehicles, a guard house with security barriers, and a perimeter security fence. The project will also involve the demolition of at least one existing building.

Value: Approx. $155 million (Overall project cost, including taxes)

Completed Projects

Completed Projects

1. HAZMAT Facility

The HAZMAT (hazardous material) building at CFB Esquimalt is used for the storing and transportation of bulk hazardous material and hazardous waste. The facility is approximately 2,700 square meters and includes space for storage, receiving and processing of hazardous material and waste.

Value: Approx $36 million (Overall project cost, including taxes)

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