CFB Gagetown

Current Projects

Current Projects

1. Renovation of Health Services Centre

This project will renovate and add a 3,052 m2 addition to the existing health services centre at CFB Gagetown. This project will integrate all medical, dental, physiotherapy, and mental health services into one location. This project is part of the Rx2000 health services modernization program that will improve the operational readiness care and deliver new and increased levels of service for the future at CFB Gagetown.

Value: Approx. $20.8 million (Overall project cost, including taxes)

2. New Wing for the Canadian Forces Weather and Oceanographic Service

This project will see the construction of a new 1120m2 extension to the former Army Meteorological Centre at CFB Gagetown. This expanded building will house the Joint Meteorological Centre and allow for 24/7 operations and will include additional workstations, meeting areas and a new operations area.

Value: Approx $5.1 million (Overall project cost, including taxes)

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Completed Projects

Completed Proects

1. Construction of New Training Accommodation

Training accommodations are short-term accommodations used by Canadian Forces members during training. The training accommodations at CFB Gagetown are part of an overall Departmental program to modernize Canadian Forces accommodations across the country.

Value: Approx $16.7 million (Overall project cost, including taxes)

2. Construct Forward Operating Bivouac

This project constructed a Forward Ops Bivouac in the CFB Gagetown Training Area. The project included tent pads, vehicle check points, artillery gun positions, an access road, perimeter security fencing and sentry positions.

Value: Approx $1.3 million (Overall project cost, including taxes)

3. Light Armoured Vehicle (LAV) III Training Facility

This facility houses 40 LAV IIIs in addition to instructor spaces and small classrooms that will be used for training students of the Combat Training School. The facility is divided into three specific areas for the Armour, Infantry and Artillery schools.

Value: Approx $15.5 million (Overall project cost, including taxes)

4. Construct Extension to Health Services Centre

Two buildings have been constructed for this project. The health, dental and mental health building is 842 m2 and the Joint Personnel Support Unit building is 454 m2 .

Value: Approx. $3.7 million (Overall project cost, including taxes)

5. Upgrade Utilities - Phase Three

This five-phased project replaces the aging utilities distribution systems at CFB Gagetown. Phase one included the upgrading of the high voltage electrical distribution system, and was completed in 2007. The mechanical portion of phase two was complete in summer 2010.

Phase three included structural improvements to the distribution tunnels and the high-temperature-hot-water system has been replaced across Nashwalk, Champlain, Tilley, Sycamore, and Hughes Street, as well as a portion crossing the base sports field connecting Tilley and Sycamore Street.

Value: Approx. $24.9 million (Overall project cost, including taxes)

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