Airworthiness Investigative Authority overview

The Airworthiness Investigative Authority (AIA) is responsible for the regulation and independent investigation of airworthiness-related occurrences, as well as for monitoring the DND/CAF Airworthiness Program as a whole, to identify deficiencies and recommend preventative measures.

The AIA has a mandate to champion a pro-active, effective and innovative Airworthiness Investigative Program that enhances combat-effectiveness, by preventing the accidental loss of aerospace resources. The AIA fosters the safe execution of the Canadian Armed Forces aerospace operations through:

  • independent investigation of matters concerning aerospace safety
  • active participation in the airworthiness program
  • leadership of the Canadian Forces Flight Safety Program

The AIA issues airworthiness policies, standards, procedures and instructions related to the investigation of aviation safety-related incidentsand accidents. The AIA performs airworthiness program monitoring functions by documenting details on investigative interactions, within and outside of DND, as well as releasing documentation relating to the Flight Safety Program:

  • Flight Safety for the CAF (NDID number A-GA-135-001/AA-001)
  • Airworthiness Investigation Manual (NDID number A-GA-135-003/AG-001)
  • Investigation Reports

In a letter of delegation, the Chief of Defence Staff, directed by the Minister of National Defence, has designated the person holding the position of Director Flight Safety (DFS) as the AIA for DND/CAF. The DFS performs this duty in parallel with regular DFS responsibilities. In his role as AIA, the DFS is responsible for the implementation, development and monitoring of the Airworthiness Investigative Program, independently of the chain of command.

Airworthiness Investigative Program

The Investigative Airworthiness Program regulates the investigative airworthiness aspects of the DND/CAF’s Flight Safety Program, monitors the Technical and Operational Airworthiness Programs for deficiencies and investigates airworthiness-related occurrences and issues.

The Flight Safety program’s objective is to prevent the accidental loss of aviation resources through:

  • a program of safe behaviour promotion and education
  • the investigation and analysis of matters concerning safety