About the Technical Airworthiness Authority

The Technical Airworthiness Authority (TAA) is responsible for the regulation of the technical airworthiness aspects of the design, manufacture, maintenance and materiel support of aeronautical products and the determination of the airworthiness acceptability of those products prior to operational service.

The TAA ensures that the management of the DND/CF Airworthiness Program (NDID number A-GA-005-000/AG-001) is adequate, from a technical perspective, to achieve an acceptable level of aviation safety for Canadian military aviation and for foreign military aircraft within Canada.

In a letter of delegation, the Chief of Defence Staff (CDS), directed by the Minister of National Defence (MND), has designated the person holding the position of Director General Aerospace Equipment Program Management (DGAEPM) as the TAA for the Department. Currently, the TAA is Mr. Terry Wood.

Overview of the Technical Airworthiness Program

The Technical Airworthiness Program, established by the TAA, is based on the philosophy, principles and concepts used by civilian and military airworthiness authorities worldwide. The TAA formally assigned the day-to-day management of the Technical Airworthiness Program to the Director Technical Airworthiness and Engineering Support (DTAES).

The program is implemented by means of a regulatory strategy that establishes "rules" rather than "procedures". It defines the "what" (regulation by objectives), rather than the "how" (regulation by directives) of technical airworthiness. This is accomplished within a structured document hierarchy, from the Aeronautics Act to regulatory advisory material. Individual organizations required to conduct airworthiness-related activities can then develop customized processes and procedures which are assessed by the regulator for compliance against the TAA issued rules and standards.

The Technical Airworthiness Manual (TAM) contains program-related rules, standards and advisory material issued by the TAA. The TAA also publishes product-related rules, standards and advisory material in the Airworthiness Design Standards Manual (ADSM).

The DTAES is responsible to facilitate the implementation and evolution of the Technical Airworthiness Program to meet the needs of the Canadian military aviation community. This assignment of authority allows for the efficient management of the program, while providing the necessary degree of regulatory independence.


For more information about the Technical Airworthiness Program, please contact DTAES 2-2:

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