Calibration Management Program for Measuring Test Equipment

Effective Date: 21 November 2006

Version in effect: 5 (revised 8 January 2014)

Reference: TAM Part 3, Chapter 1, Section 2

OPI/Telephone: DTAES 4-5 / 819-939-4757

1.     Purpose

1.1.     This Technical Airworthiness Authority (TAA) Advisory provides a method for gauging regulatory compliance pertaining to the calibration of Measuring and Test Equipment (M&TE).

1.2.     This TAA Advisory is not mandatory nor does not constitute a regulation. It describes a means acceptable to the TAA, but is not the only means to demonstrate compliance to the regulation(s). If you choose to use this Advisory, then all of its important aspects must be followed.

2.     Applicability

2.1.     The TAA Advisory is applicable to all organizations seeking accreditation as a maintenance organization (AMO) by the TAA and applies to measuring and test equipment used to determine serviceability during maintenance operations involving DND/RCAF aircraft and the related materials, components and parts.

2.2.     This advisory applies to measuring and test equipment owned by the organization, as well as equipment owned by personnel employed within the organization.

3.     Related Material

3.1.   Definitions:

  1. Measuring and Test Equipment (M&TE): All devices or apparatus used to measure, gauge, test, inspect or otherwise examine items to determine compliance with specifications.
  2. Calibration: The setting or correcting of a measuring device or base level, usually by adjusting it to match, or conform to a dependably known and unvarying measure.

3.2.   Regulatory References:

3.2.1.   Technical Airworthiness Manual (TAM) Part 3, Chapter 1, Section 2, Rules and Standards - Performance of Maintenance;

3.2.2.   Transport Canada Civil Aviation (TCCA), Canadian Aviation Regulations (CAR) 571.02:

"...performs maintenance or elementary work ...shall ensure that any measuring device or test equipment… if calibration requirements are published by the manufacturer of the measuring device or test equipment... is calibrated by means traceable to a national standard”;

3.2.3.   TCCA Technical Publication (TP) 14308, Section 24 - Calibration of Tools and Equipment;

4.     Discussion

4.1.      This TAA Advisory has been generated to assist organizations in the development of a system that ensures that calibration requirements for M&TE are satisfied. For organizations seeking accreditation that have an existing Calibration Management Program, this advisory provides guidance on how the TAA will evaluate the existing system to ensure compliance to the regulatory requirement stipulated in reference 3.2.1.

4.2.      Acceptable means of compliance for a Calibration Management Program must address the following requirements:

  1. Include all M&TE used;
  2. Ensure that calibration meets the manufacturer’s requirements for accuracy and frequency;
  3. Ensure that all M&TE is calibrated by an organization whose calibration procedures are traceable to a national standard;
  4. Ensure that M&TE be inspected prior to use;
  5. Ensure that M&TE found damaged or inaccurate is removed from service immediately;
  6. Include provisions that allow for the traceability of the M&TE used to work performed;
  7. Have a decal attached that contains:

(1)    Name of tool;

(2)    Serial Number of tool;

(3)    Date last calibrated; and

(4)    Date next calibration due.

  1. Where the M&TE is too small to allow for a decal, an alternate means of controlling the information in sub-paragraph above must be kept and be available. The records on file should include:

(1)    Date of last, and due date of next, calibration;

(2)    Identification of the person responsible for performing the calibration;

(3)    Details of any adjustments or repairs completed;

(4)    Traceability to the national standard used to perform the calibration;

(5)    A Certificate of Calibration, where the organization performing the calibration was an outside vendor; and

(6)    The results of the calibration showing range and points of measurement.

4.3.     Within the Calibration Management Program, a process will need to exist that allows the organization to assess the validity of the previous measuring results for work performed by M&TE that was subsequently found to be in an "Out of Tolerance" condition following calibration or repair. In such case, the organization must take appropriate action on any equipment and aeronautical product affected, and document such action.