Certificate of Airworthiness

Effective Date: June 2011

Reference: TAM Part 5, Chapter 7, Section 2

OPI / Telephone: DTAES 3-2 / 819-939-4835

1.         Purpose

1.1          This TAA Advisory provides a template for a Certificate of Airworthiness (CofA) to be issued by the Department of National Defence (DND) for a Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) aircraft.

2.         Applicability

2.1          This TAA Advisory applies to TAA and DND Project Management Office (PMO) staff.

3.         Related Material

3.1.         Definitions:

  1. Certificate of Airworthiness.  A technical airworthiness document certifying that an individual aircraft meets the requirements for full flight authority in accordance with the regulatory reference 3.2.a below in that it is in conformance with the approved type design and is in a condition for safe operation. Unless surrendered, suspended or cancelled, it shall remain valid for as long as the approved type design remains compliant with the applicable airworthiness standards listed in the Basis of Certification (BoC) and the aircraft is in conformance with the approved type design.
  2. Category “A”.  A military repair code which permits the dispatch of an aircraft strictly for the purpose of allowing the aircraft to return to base or a repair facility on non‑passenger carrying, non‑operational flights.

3.2.         Regulatory References:

C-05-005-001/AG-001 – Technical Airworthiness Manual (TAM), Part 5, Chapter 7, Section 2.

4.         Discussion

4.1          As indicated in regulatory reference 3.2.a above, under Rule 5.7.2.R5, a CofA issued by the DND will remain in force indefinitely, unless surrendered, suspended or cancelled.  Examples of such situations are:

  1. Surrendered CofA.  Aircraft is retired before its life has expired and transferred to a training unit as a ground instructional airframe.
  2. Cancelled CofA.  Aircraft is beyond economical repair and declared Category “A”.
  3. Suspended CofA.  Aircraft is undergoing major refurbishment, rebuild or conversion.  On completion, the CofA may either be reinstated or, if the aircraft is significantly different (e.g., modified to a different mark), a new CofA may be issued.

4.2          Internally, within DND, the MS Word template is available in RDIMS at AEPM nr. 1286814.  If you wish to obtain a copy of the MS Word template and do not have access to RDIMS, please contact the OPI for this Advisory.