Appendix G to TAA Advisory 2012-01

Electronic Flight Bag Evaluation Checklist – Installed Software


No. Installed SoftwareChecklist ItemAcceptable
Yes / No
1.Responsiveness of Application Is feedback provided for user input?  
Is there an indication that the system is busy if the system cannot process inputs immediately?  
Is system response time predictable and consistent with intended function?  
2.Readability Does the text size and font ensure readability at the intended viewing distance?  
Does the page layout provide sufficient clarity?  
Is the cursor always visible?  
Is indication of the active application/document provided?  
Is it easy to switch between applications?  
3.Colour Usage Does the use of colour meet Chapter 523.1322/525.1322 of the Transport Canada Civil Aviation AWM/CAR as appropriate to the aircraft?  
  • Is RED only used to indicate a warning condition?
  • Is AMBER only used to indicate a caution condition?
4.Message Compatibility Is there a means to inhibit visual and auditory messages during critical phases of flight?  
Is the application free of flashing text or symbols?  
Are messages prioritized?  
Has the prioritization scheme been documented?  
5.Interface Is the user interface consistent and intuitive?  
Is the user interface consistent with other EFB applications?  
Are the applications consistent with other flight deck systems?  
6.Data entry Is the EFB prevented from accepting data of incorrect format or type?  
Does the EFB provide error messages for incorrect data entries?  
Are input errors detected at the earliest possible point in the input sequence?  
7.Possibility for Error/Confusion Does the system minimize the occurrence of flight crew member error?  
Does the system maximize the possibility of error detection?  
Is entered data displayed with the results of each calculation?  
8.Workload Has the effect of the EFB on pilot workload been evaluated in all applicable phases of flight?  
Has the effect of the EFB on pilot workload been evaluated under applicable abnormal and emergency operations?  





 Limitations or procedures required for operational use