Certificate of Registration

Effective Date: October 2013

Reference: TAM Part 2, Chapter 2, Section 2

OPI / Telephone: DTAES 3-2 / 819-939-4835

1.         Purpose

1.1.         This TAA Advisory provides a template for a Certificate of Registration (CofR) to be issued by the Department of National Defence (DND) for a Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) aircraft.

2.         Applicability

2.1.         This TAA advisory applies to TAA and DND Project Management Office (PMO) staff.

3.         Related Material

3.1.         Definitions:

  1. Certificate of Registration.  An aircraft  type designation document issued by the TAA (DTAES 3 staff), upon submission of an application by an intended Type Certificate Holder for a proposed aircraft type design for which a DND type certificate is issued, to use for the identification of the aircraft type.
  2. Type Certificate.  A document issued by the airworthiness authority to declare that a particular type design has been certified by the airworthiness authority.  The type certificate includes or provides references to the type design data, the Type Certificate Data Sheet (TCDS), the applicable airworthiness standards (Basis of Certification (BoC)) and any other conditions or limitations prescribed by the airworthiness authority.
  3. Type Certificate Holder (TCH).  The role assigned to an organization to perform the responsibilities as described in Part 2, Chapter 1 of regulatory reference below, following the issue of a DND Type Certificate by the TAA for an approved type design of an aeronautical product.
  4. Type Designation.  A description of all characteristics of an aeronautical product, including its design description data, manufacture processes, limitations and Instructions for Continued Airworthiness (ICA).

3.2.         Regulatory References:

C-05-005-001/AG-001 – Technical Airworthiness Manual (TAM), Part 2.

4.         Discussion

4.1.         The TAA (DTAES 3 staff) assigns a registration number to each individual aircraft for which a Type Designation exists.  The registration number consists of the first two letters and three digits of the Type Designation plus a further three digits, except for the CH124 Sea King and the CC138 Twin Otter which have five‑digit registration numbers.  The CH124 and CC138 are legacy fleets and the numbers will not be changed.

4.2.         The TAA (DTAES 3 staff) allocates a registration number on request from the TCH or intended TCH of the DND Type Certificate.  Since the last four digits of the registration number are used for the aircraft’s official call sign, the last three digits will be allocated so that no call sign duplicates the call sign of any other DND‑registered aircraft.  The TAA (DTAES 3 staff) activates each number by adding it to the DND Military Aircraft Register and issues a corresponding CofR.

4.3.         By international agreement, all aircraft, whether military or civilian, must be recorded in only one register at a time.  It is possible, however, to remove an aircraft from one register and place it in another, provided that the aircraft meets the conditions established by the receiving airworthiness regulatory agency.

 4.4.         Internally, within DND, the template is available in RDIMS at AEPM nr. 1346397.  If you wish to obtain a copy of the template and do not have access to RDIMS, please contact the OPI for this Advisory.